2023/05/11 04:16:41 S Chiba Pref. Earthquake (M=5.2, h=40 km)

Location of stations

Site Map

List of records

Code Station Δ (km) IJMA Azim. Loc. Peak Acc. (cm/s2) Notes
H1 H2 V
CHPM Main Building, Chiba Prefectural Office 49 2.8 333° B1F*15.716.66.9 [wave] [data]
08F19.822.08.8 [wave]
19F9.611.913.4 [wave]
04F21.221.07.8 [wave]
14F20.922.210.7 [wave]
CHB Chiba Government Office Bldg. #2 49 3.2 346° B1F* [wave]
08F35.073.417.6 [wave]
KWS Kawasaki-minami Office, Labour Standards Bureau 59 3.1 045° 01F*18.526.05.2 [wave] [data]
02F24.428.45.2 [wave]
07F20.750.27.4 [wave]
YCY Yachiyo City Hall 62 3.0 302° B1F9.37.95.4 [wave]
GL*26.725.010.2 [wave] [data]
07F26.136.56.1 [wave]
ICK Gyotoku Library, Ichikawa City 62 3.0 321° 01F*18.817.36.2 [wave] [data]
02F26.419.68.1 [wave]
05F57.137.78.0 [wave]
MNM Minamisuna Apartment #3 65 3.1 180° 15F51.043.121.5 [wave]
01F*20.320.314.3 [wave] [data]
TKD Kosha Tower Tsukuda 66 2.7 180° 01F* [wave] [data]
18F16.310.212.9 [wave]
37F25.216.217.8 [wave]
CG7 Central Government Office Bldg. #7 68 2.7 294° 01F*8.421.15.6 [wave] [data]
B2F6.317.13.3 [wave]
16F11.219.410.0 [wave]
32F7.117.315.0 [wave]
CG2 Central Government Office Bldg. #2 69 2.6 208° B4F* [wave] [data]
13F28.510.714.2 [wave]
21F25.710.719.4 [wave]
CG3 Central Government Office Bldg. #3 69 2.9 208° B3F* [wave] [data]
B2F9.911.18.8 [wave]
12F21.816.313.1 [wave]
NMW Main Building, National Museum of Western Art 71 3.1 218° GL* [wave] [data]
B1FW21.816.06.1 [wave]
B1FE23.414.214.3 [wave]
01FW18.814.26.5 [wave]
01FE20.310.615.2 [wave]
04F30.414.79.2 [wave]
UTK University of Tokyo 72 3.2 348° 7FN24.937.35.6 [wave]
7FS25.688.030.9 [wave]
01F8.430.76.2 [wave]
GL*15.740.29.5 [wave] [data]
YYG Building C, National Olympics Memorial Youth Center 72 3.6 355° B1F57.828.010.5 [wave]
GL* [wave] [data]
04F69.564.210.3 [wave]
ADC Adachi Government Office Bldg. 73 3.3 012° 01F* [wave] [data]
04F43.123.96.5 [wave]
NKN Nakano Branch, Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau 77 2.6 359° 06F22.144.59.0 [wave]
01F*12.515.27.1 [wave] [data]
MST Misato City Hall 79 2.5 258° 01F* [wave]
07F19.922.06.7 [wave]
AKB Akabane Hall, Kita Ward 79 2.5 354° 1F* [wave] [data]
06F23.029.16.0 [wave]
KSG Koshigaya Branch, Saitama Legal Affairs Bureau 88 2.5 150° 1F* [wave] [data]
1F[V] [wave]
SITA Saitama Shintoshin Government Office Building (Arena) 94 1.9 313° 01F* [wave] [data]
SIT2 Saitama Shintoshin Government Office Building #2 94 1.6 340° B3F* [wave] [data]
10FS6.37.43.8 [wave]
10FN5.87.44.1 [wave]
27FS9.219.211.5 [wave]
27FC7.412.06.2 [wave]
JAXA Headquarters Building, JAXA Tsukuba Space Center 100 1.9 335° B1F* [wave] [data]
01F5.27.42.7 [wave]
11F9.515.25.1 [wave]
NIT Nippon Institute of Technology 105 2.1 288° GL* [wave] [data]
01F4.63.91.7 [wave]
06F15.512.43.2 [wave]
AGO Ageo City Hall 105 1.5 227° B1F* [wave] [data]
7FN12.116.64.2 [wave]
7FS11.915.24.1 [wave]
SMZ Shimizu Government Office Bldg. 155 0.6 165° 01F* [wave] [data]
06F4.13.713.2 [wave]


M : JMA Magnitude
h : Focal depth (km)
Δ : Epicentral distance (km)
IJMA : JMA Seismic Intensity (of the asterisked sensor)
Azim. : Installation azimuth
H1, H2, V : Peak accelerations in H1, H2 and V directions (cm/s2)