Information on station and event

Information on the strong motion station and seismic event, which can be obtained from the data file, can be confirmed on the [Station and event] dialog box. The [Database…] button calls the [Database] tab in the [Option] dialog box to change the settings.

If the database files are already specified, additional information can be get from the databases by clicking the [Inquire to database by code] or [Inquire to database by time] button.

In case of the station database, a station code in the [Code] textbox is used as a search key. ViewWave searches a station having the same station code from the database.

In case of the event, origin time, which is time starting an event, in the [Origin time] textbox is used as a search key. If the database doesn't have the origin time of the event, ViewWave sets record time in the textbox. ViewWave searches events having the near origin time from the database.

If [Inquire station and event to database] in the [Preprocessing] dialog box is checked, the database inquiry is performed just after reading a data file.