Various settings can be controlled from the [Option] dialog box that is opened by choosing the menu [View] -> [Option...]. The [Option] dialog has nine tabs as follows.

  • Axis
  • Appearance
  • Channel
  • Size
  • Calculation
  • Report
  • Extra
  • Misc.

There are four buttons on the lower side of the [Option] dialog box to deal with the settings.

  • [File…]: Load or save settings from/to a file, set current setting as default, or delete default settings.
  • [Apply]: Apply changes and refresh the graph
  • [OK]: Close the dialog and apply changes.
  • [Cancel]: Cancel all changes and close the dialog.

The settings, which can be changed in the [Option] dialog box, can be saved as the default settings or to a setting file. By clicking [File…] button, the menu will appear as follows;

  • [Load settings from a file…]: loads settings from a file which was saved previously.
  • [Save settings to a file…]: saves current settings to a file.
  • [Set current settings as default]: saves current settings as the default settings. This saves settings to the special file that is loaded when ViewWave starts.
  • [Delete default settings]: deletes the default setting file.