Displaying response spectra

Submitted by kashima on Fri, 07/06/2018 - 07:29

ViewWave has a function to compute and display response spectra. You can choose a type of response spectra from the [Response spectrum] submenu in the [View] menu. There are;

  • Acceleration response spectrum (Sa)
  • Velocity response spectrum (Sv)
  • Displacement response spectrum (Sd)
  • Pseudo velocity response spectrum (on tripartite-axis, pSv)
  • Energy spectrum (Ve)

Damping ratios of the response spectra can be set from the [Calculation] tab in the [Option]. There are two damping ratios for the response spectra (Sa, Sv, Sd and pSv), and for the energy spectrum (Ve).


Acceleration response spectra (Sa)


Velocity response spectra (Sv)


Displacement response spectra (Sd)


Pseudo velocity response spectra (pSv)


Energy spectra (Ve)