Readable data files

ViewWave can read following strong motion data files;

  • BRI strong motion data files (*.ac)
  • NIED K-NET and KiK-net files (*.ew;*.ew1)
  • JMA 95 Hexa-ASCII files (YMDDhhmm.*) and JMA CSV files (*.csv)
  • Mitutoyo (and Akashi) SMAC-MD/MDU files (*.md)
  • Tokyo Sokushin binary files (*.t3w;*.dbl)
  • Kinemetrics Altus K2/Etna event files (*.evt)
  • USGS (NSMP) files (*.smc)
  • CGS (CSMIP) files (*.raw; *.v2)
  • COSMOS files (*.v1c; *.v2c)
  • PEER files (*.at2)
  • New Zealand GeoNet files (*.v1a; *.v2a)
  • General CSV and text files (*.csv; *.txt)

Further information can be found in the section "Supported data files"