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Installation and uninstallation


Installation package will be provided as a Windows Installer file (vw2xx.msi). The portion “2xx” in the filename represents a version of a release. By double-clicking the installer file, ViewWave is installed in “%ProgramFiles%\Strong Motion Tools\ViewWave” (root folder becomes “%ProgramFiles(x86)%” in 64-bit Windows). Shortcuts to ViewWave are added on the desktop and program menu “Strong Motion Tools.”


Uninstallation of ViewWave 2.0.x is strongly recommended to install ViewWave 2.2.x. There is no compatibility setting files between 2.0.x and 2.2.x.

Uninstallation of ViewWave 1.xx is not necessary to install ViewWave 2.xx. Both can coexist because the installation folder and program group were different.


ViewWave can be uninstalled from [Control Panel] -> [Programs and Features].