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Changes and new features from ViewWave 1.xx

ViewWave 2.xx basically follows the features of the previous version. In addition, some new features are added and some functions are improved.

  • The development environment was changed from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual C# and Visual Studio 2013. So the entire code was rewritten.
  • English and Japanese versions were integrated into the same package. The language is selected according to the current language setting of Windows.
  • Information on strong motion stations and events can be obtained from database files that are Microsoft Access and Excel files.
  • Extra data can be plotted on spectrum graphs in addition. For instance, you can compare spectra of recoded strong motion data to design spectra.
  • The settings are saved in files rather than the Windows registry. This version does not use the Windows registry.
  • Plural reports defined by users can be held. New report types, i.e. channel and combination reports, are implemented.